What is After the Garden Festival?

Credit: Michael Dale archive
Credit: Michael Dale archive

After the Garden Festival began in an attempt to track down the surviving physical legacy of the 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival – via research, communications and general detective work as well as the archaeological investigation of which Digging the Festival was the initial phase. However, this led us to realise the surprising extent to which the Festival, an important and influential stage of Glasgow’s late 20th century cultural and economic transformation, was underrepresented and unrecorded. Since then we have widened our methods to ones of general recording (through this website as well as the building-up of a substantial archive of documemts, images and interviews), with the goal of establishing a proper and comprehensive record of the Festival. We also deliver talks on the topic and will be providing guided tours of the Festival site. Additionally, we intend Digging the Festival to expand its scope across the whole of its location. We can be found on Twitter at @AtGF1988.

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