Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page describes how your personal information is held and used by After the Garden Festival… which is a group of individuals (Lex Lamb, Gordon Barr and Kenny Brophy) who can be contacted via the email address The Data Protection Officer is Lex Lamb.

What do we collect, where do we store it, and why?

If you make a submission to this website or comment on this website’s contents, we receive your email address as well as the information (text and/or images) you have submitted. We will hold this email address both in our local records and a hosted database. Our reason for retaining the submitted information is to display it publicly (unless specified otherwise) on the website and in any further materials (such as social media, publications, or other materials), and our reason for retaining your email address is in order to notify you that your information has been published, as well as to contact you in the case that we may wish to seek your consent for the use of your information in other ways.

Your submitted information will always be credited in whatever manner you wish to state at the point of submission.

Where is this information stored?

Any such personal information will be hosted at locations within the UK, and will be held until the conclusion of the project or until such a point as a request to delete it is received.

How can you remove your information from our records?

If you wish us to remove you information (text or images) from this website, we are happy to do so. Similarly, if you would like us to delete your email address or any other contact details from our records, we will do so on request. Please email us at in these cases, and we will promptly remove such data. We are also happy to provide a copy of all information we hold in response to a request from the same email address.

Do we share your information with anyone else?

Submitted images and information may be shared on social media, with whatever credit you have requested.

We will not pass on any email addresses or other contact details to any other party without receiving your explicit consent in advance.

What about Cookies?

You can read our Cookie Policy here.

This privacy policy was last updated on 1 March 2022