Sweet Heart Lane (Dumfries in Miniature)

Dumfries Sweetheart Arches
Credit: Richard East
Credit: Evelyn R
Credit: Ross MacKay
Sweetheart Lane 2
Credit: Richard East
Sweetheart Lane
Credit: Richard East
'Sweetheart Lane' promitional leaflet
Credit: ©CSG CIC Glasgow Museums and Libraries Collection: The Mitchell Library, Special Collections
'Sweetheart Lane' promitional leaflet
Credit: ©CSG CIC Glasgow Museums and Libraries Collection: The Mitchell Library, Special Collections
Credit: Donald Whannell
Credit: Donald Whannell
GGF cross
Replica cross from ‘Sweetheart Lane’ in its current location. Credit: Google (2021) Newton Stewart, Scotland. Available at: https://www.google.com/maps (Accessed: 14 November 2022).
Credit: Donald Whannell
Credit: Donald Whannell
Garden Festival 'zone'

The Rendezvous

Sponsor, if appropriate

Dumfries & Galloway District Council

Type of object

Pavilion, building or other structure

Current situation

Partly known


A set of metal arches are reported at Dock Park, Dumfries, which were part of this exhibit and represented the architecture of Sweetheart Abbey. However this post states that the arches were removed in 2016. A replica Celtic cross (in the style of the Whithorn School), which was featured in the exhibit, now stands at the corner of Ewart Drive, Newton Stewart (as of November 2022). The Belted Galloway cow sculptures from the exhibit are at Threave Castle Estate (observed March 2021).


  1. Jack Sloan says:

    Carved stone(?) Galloway Cross in style of the Whithorn School stands at the corner of Ewart Drive, Newton Stewart. It was part of this. Think there was also a short run of three arches beside it from the D&G Lane. Wish I knew where the fiberglass Belted Galloway cows went to!

    1. Thanks, Jack – well spotted, and now added to the database. It does appear in Garden Festival pics we’ve seen, but nothing we have, unfortunately. It seems likely, judging by the leaflet map, that this cross would have stood at the end of the Sweetheart Arches, in the distance of Richard East’s image at the top of this page.

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