Digging the Festival

Digging the Festival plan image
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23rd-28th May, Festival Park, Glasgow

Digging the Festival will bring archaeological techniques to bear on the question of what remains of the 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival. A survey will use geophysical, observational, excavation and other skills to investigate what survives within the only area of the original festival site that has not yet been built upon.

A team from the University of Glasgow, aided by community and schools volunteers (where possible), will be uncovering whatever evidence remains in several key points within Festival Park. This part of the site hosted some memorable features, including a miniature railway line, a replica Roman Bathhouse, the pavilion of Bowmore Distillers and a Highland-themed restaurant – what can be detected of these vanished attractions and the people that visited them, and did visitors leave anything behind?

Digging the Festival is grant-aided by Glasgow City Heritage Trust logo

For more information, or to get involved, email After the Garden Festival.